Turkish Wedding

A Turkish, European wedding in NSW

Whether it is organising a traditional Turkish Wedding Moorebank, Liverpool, NSW, Sydney or arranging for a modern European wedding for our clients, we at Roma Function Centre take great pride and delight in dishing out everything to the precise requirements of our clients, every time they hire us for our services.

A Turkish wedding has its own charm

When it comes to Turkish Marriages, they are usually a traditional affair with a number of ceremonies performed during the wedding ceremony. At Roma, we can even arrange for a typical Turkish wedding, which involves a ‘K?na Gecesi’, the Henna Night for the bride where the hands of the bride are adorned with Henna. Followed by ‘Gelin Alma’, the bride fetching ceremony where the guests go to fetch the bride on foot if she lives nearby, or by vehicles if she lives far away. To add more traditional feel to the festivities, we can also arrange for a procession to be accompanied by drums and pipes for the ceremony.

We could also do our bit to add to the Turkish flavour by organising for formal and traditional attire worn in Turkish weddings. Similarly, we can also arrange for special Turkish dishes to be prepared for the occasion, so that the guests can take a real bite into the richness of Turkish culture even during their short stay at the wedding. If our clients desire us to arrange for the famous Belly Dancers of this country, we can also make such arrangements with delight to treat the guests with the spell binding body movements of these dancers in complete sync with the beats of the drums.