Serbian Wedding

Nothing compares to the festivities of a Serbian wedding…

Talk about weddings, and you would be surprised to know that there are actually very few types of weddings that can match the spirits and celebrations of a Serbian wedding. From the pre-wedding festivities of a Serbian wedding, which are marked with preparation of delicious foods along with group singing during the time the bride’s hand is bartered by the Groom’s family; or singing of songs to the Bride by an orchestra playing Tamburas before the bride gets ready to go into the church; every ceremony performed in a Serbian Wedding is special and performed with equal zest and fervour during the celebrations.

Want to host a Serbian Wedding in NSW…?

Serbians form close knit families, and their marriages too are a true reflection of their strong family bonds. That’s why; when we at Roma plan a Serbian Wedding in Moorebank, Sydney or Liverpool in NSW, we will always ensure that it has all the essential elements of a conventional Serbian wedding, which are still practised in Serbia today.

Whether it is arranging for the Kolo dancers outside the church to be accompanied along with the wedding party, or organising the apple shooting ceremony in which the groom is required to shoot down the apple placed by the bride’s father on a tree-top before he can formally take the bride along with him; we at Roma function would never think twice in going the extra miles to give your wedding a unique Serbian flavour in NSW.

Organise your Serbian Wedding at Roma…

The beauty of Roma Function Centre is that it offers a timeless Mediterranean Elegance blended with the right mix of Modern influence, which makes it an ideal destination to host a traditional Serbian Wedding Moorebank, Liverpool, NSW 2170. Moreover, we also have the know-how and experience of hosting many traditional Mediterranean weddings in the past, which makes us an ideal choice to host such a wedding in NSW.