Samoan Tongan Wedding

Samoan Tongan Wedding Moorebank, Liverpool, NSW 2170

Samoan & Tongan weddings are full of Icelandic traditions…

Around the world, weddings hold a very special importance in people’s lives. Whether it is the main land people or people living on Islands, everybody likes to celebrate their wedding in a way that it is in line with the typical traditions and customs followed in that place. The same goes for the Pacific Islands of Samoa and Tonga, where they have their own set of traditions and customs to host a traditional Samoan Tongan wedding.

For a Samoan wedding, we can arrange for the bride’s gown which is typically made of Tapa cloth obtained from the stem of Mulberry tree. We can also arrange for the wedding cake, which is made of multiple levels to offer to the special invitees and guests. Similarly, we can also organise Fakalelea, the celebration before a Tongan wedding. And to top it all, we can also order a specially roasted pig and a real fancy wedding cake made in multi-levels.

We can garner all the flavours of a Pacific Iceland’s wedding with ease…

At Roma Functions Centre, we have dedicated professionals on our rolls to manage your regional theme based weddings with great efficiency and dexterity. So if you come to us for organising a Samoan Tongan Wedding in Moorebank or Liverpool in NSW, you will be surprised at the amount of efforts that we will smilingly put in your wedding to make it a huge success among your guests.

From arranging for the traditional dresses worn by the Bride and Groom during the wedding, to organising the regional food delicacies of the region to give the guests of the ceremony a genuine feel of the region’s tradition; we at Roma are going to make sure that nothing is left to chance to give you the perfect wedding celebrations.

Host a great Samoan Tongan wedding in Moorebank, Sydney, Liverpool in NSW

So friends; if you are really keen on organising a Samoan Tongan Wedding in Moorebank or Liverpool in NSW, you simply don’t need to run around here and there for finding a suitable wedding host and caterer in NSW. All you will need is to come to Roma Functions Centre in NSW, and the rest of your worries will be taken care of in the best possible manner by our professional wedding experts.