Afghani Wedding

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Bringing the flavour of an Afghani Wedding Moorebank, Liverpool, NSW, Sydney can be a quite a daunting task for anybody, but we at Roma Function Centre don’t believe in backing down from any challenge. And especially when it is about adding a special touch to the most important day in a person’s life, we also don’t hesitate in going the extra miles to deliver what our client expects us to deliver with our top class wedding and catering services.

As far as traditional Afghan weddings are concerned, they are quite special and contain customs and rituals that are unique to the people of Afghanistan. A typical Afghani wedding is usually performed in two parts; the first being the engagement ceremony and the second being the marriage or the ‘Nikah’ ceremony. Between these two ceremonies, there are several small functions performed to mark the beginning of wedlock between the Bride & Groom, which ultimately concludes with the Bride leaving her father’s house and relocating to the Groom’s house forever.

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There are many ceremonies like Henna night in the beginning which involves application of Henna on the palms of the bride by 7 virgin girls. This is followed by dancing and partying by ladies in the house, which is then followed by ‘Attan’; a traditional Afghani dance carried out in a large circle by the guests. After the ‘Attan’ is finished, the bride and groom extend their hearty thanks to the guests before they leave the wedding hall.

To give your guests a virtual feel of the rich Afghani culture that once reverberated in this land of Pathans, we at Roma can also add famous Afghani delicacies in the menu, including Kabuli Pulaav, Mantu, lamb grilled kebab, Tandoori chicken for the mains to treat your guests with some authentic Afghani delights. To top it up, we can also add ‘Baklava’, a famous Afghani pastry made up of filo layers and stuffed with chopped nuts, sweetened with honey.

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All in all, if you are looking to host a regional theme based wedding in Moorebank or Liverpool in NSW, you can do so without any worries by hiring Roma Function for this purpose. With our ample expertise and rich experience of handling a diverse range of regional clients in the past, we have the right tricks and the right solutions in our bag to precisely deliver what is desired by our clients.